Valves, pipes, fittings, tools for industrial plant engineering


Wide range of filters and valves: ball, gate, globe, tap, butterfly, check valve and bellows; in any material and always in stock.


We have an Aisi 304L and 316L pipe warehouse. On request also in 310 and food. There is also a wide range of laminates in 304/316: sheets, rounds and profiles. On request in 310, brass, copper, aluminum and Hastelloy.

Fittings and Flange

We handle all types of flanges in any material from EN and ANSI. High availability of fittings in cast iron, iron and 304/316 stainless steel compliant with ASME and EN standards. We also have forged fittings printed in solid wood and also obtained from bar.

The Curno shop

At our headquarters in Curno in via Manzù 3, there is a sales point with a counter service for companies and individuals.

Come visit us, we'll wait for you!

Who we are

From 1964 to today, over the years, first as La Ferramenta, then as Eurotrade, we have become leaders throughout Lombardy, in the sale of tools in general, screws, laminates, molded and threaded fittings, pipes and valves, as well as material for systems. in stainless steel and iron.

Speed and flexibility

Velocità nella preparazione delle offerte, ordini e consegne che, grazie all'ampia disponibilità di materiale, fa di Eurotrade un leader del settore. Flessibilità nel soddisfare tutte le esigenze del cliente in base alle urgenze e alle richieste.

Quality of services and products

Thanks to the quality of its staff, Eurotrade has developed over the years the skills necessary to emerge on the market. We have high quality products while maintaining the utmost fairness towards customers and collaborators.

Home delivery

Eurotrade dispone di un parco mezzi adatto a consegne rapide di qualsiasi tipologia, in grado di coprire l'intero territorio, valutando esigenze ed urgenze che possono essere soddisfatte nel più breve tempo possibile.

The company profile of Eurotrade srl

Eurotrade has been operating in the plant engineering sector for over 50 years, in particular for pharmaceutical, food and chemical companies.

The commercial area

It operates mainly in Lombardy, with some foreign customers.

The great variety of products

Eurotrade srl is particularly equipped with regards to tools in general, screws and bolts, laminates, molded and threaded fittings, pipes, valves for both steel and iron systems.

Speed in deliveries

Grazie alla gestione ottimale delle forniture, l'azienda è in grado di fornire in tempi rapidi e a prezzi più che competitivi qualsiasi tipo di materiale richiesto dal cliente.

The corporate values of Eurotrade srl

Eurotrade has always strongly believed in some fundamental values since its foundation. Let's find out together!


We strongly believe in protecting the environment, the privacy of our business partners, customers and the safety of our collaborators


Thanks to the availability of personnel, warehouse and means for delivery, we guarantee a fast, effective and safe delivery service


The real strength of Eurotrade is its staff: expert people who have developed specific skills over the years, always available to investigate and give answers to every technical need.


The best on the market, with the utmost fairness towards Customers, Suppliers and Collaborators


The care and application in the things we do every day allows us to offer products and services that always live up to expectations

Attention to details

Each order is prepared by qualified people with careful controls in the preparation of the products and in the packaging.

Our certifications

Eurotrade has quality as a great competitive advantage, because quality is the reason for the association with the company name.

The certificates comply with the requirements of the standard for the Quality Management System: ISO 9001: 2015

Our warehouse

Uno dei punti di forza significativa della nostra azienda è l'ampio stock di finished and semi-finished products. Il magazzino contiene una grande quantità di articoli divisi per settori. Grazie all'ampia disponibilità di materiale pronto (circa 10.000 referenze gestite), alla dinamicità ed efficienza nella preparazione del materiale ordinato, Eurotrade srl garantisce un instant service to customers interesting for quality and price, if compared on the territory. It also makes use of qualified personnel able to respond to all requests and deliveries in a short time. Over the years we have gained a leading role as a supply partner for companies operating in the plant, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, textile and carpentry sectors.


Ball valves, check valves, control valves


Support edges, folders


Bottom plates in stainless steel and iron according to ASME and EN standards


Flat flange, flange with collar, blind flange, slip-on blind flange with weld neck, AISI 304-316 stamped flange, aluminum flange


Galvanized black malleable iron fittings, ANSI B16.11 fittings, stainless steel fittings


Galvanized black malleable iron fittings, ANSI B16.11 fittings, stainless steel fittings


Stainless steel, iron, galvanized pipes of any type


Welded and seamless 304-316 stainless steel curves, WPB steel curves ASTM A-234 ANSI B.16.28


Beta, ABC Tools, Sicutool, Fischer, PFERD, Taf, Bosch, Milwaukee, Fami, Cisa, WSG and Frigerio


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